Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Descriptive Writing

Students in Writing 110 recently completed their descriptive writing pieces, and I have posted some phrases below. If you want to see the whole writing piece or other work, make sure to check out the links to their writing blogs after each excerpt.

I slowly stepped into the plane, savoring and examining every inch, from the cockpit to the tail of the aircraft. 
- Brody, "The Flight" 

The monster lets out a deafening thunder of a roar, hissing and snapping at my Shane.

- Moranda, "Jaguar"

Then when he put on the saddle, hopped on my back and rammed the jagged spikes of his spurs into my vulnerable sides forcing me to bolt forward. 

- Riley, "The Run"

The animal quickly awakens from his deep slumber, only to see four legs, two chests, two sparkling rods of iron and wood, and two human faces gazing upwards in the far off trees.

- Todd, "African Safari"

Their eyes began to almost light up, still not breaking their stare, when all of a sudden, a deadly scream, from each small mouth, came piercing my ears, and that is all I can remember.

Kelsey, "Screams"

 It was a distorted nightmare, the ground shivered beneath me and then crumbled.

Danielle, "Bitter of Winter"

 I put my foot on the three point line straightening up and the ball leaves my finger tips...The ball spins and its as if my world is spinning, around and around my world goes.

- Allister, "7 Seconds"